Richard Rhodes
Founder/Board Chairman
Rhodes Architectural Stone
Jeff Sellen is the top flat stone contractor in the Northwest; a title he has commanded for the last decade. His work consistantly demonstrates the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail in a field crowded with competition.

Further, Jeff's fluency with design and detailing for his craft differentiates his projects by using stone in ways that although innovative, never violates the materials innate timeless qualities. This takes deep experience and a fine eye, both of which Jeff accomplishes with ease.

I have known Jeff for more than two decades and have seen his work grow and evolve. He has now achieved the full mastery of his craft.
In closing I look forward to working with Jeff in the years to come and seeing his future projects.
Pamp Maiers
North Central Construction
Sellen Tile Company has done various jobs for us over the last ten years. Specializing in high-end workmanship, various fireplaces, kitchens, steam rooms and floors, both designing and completing through installing sealer.

We have found Jeff Sellen's work to be meticulous and our customers have been very satisfied.
Johnathan Constable
Property Manager
The Marshall Building LLC
I manage The Marshall Building, located 4th and Virginia Seattle, WA. I contracted Jeff Sellen to come up with a new entrance to our building. I let him have complete artistic control, and was extremley happy with the mix of granite and limestone he came up with. He was very helpful in the process of picking colors, and the final product was of the highest quality. After many positive comments from tenants, the Dahlia Lounge (the restaurant that occupies the first floor of our building) decided to have Jeff do their entry as well. They were equally pleased with the craftsmanship as well as the aesthetic value of Jeff's work.

Both of these prohects were completed quite a while ago, and we are still recieving compliments today. Jeff's work definitley added to the beauty of our building, and has continued to create a good first impression to the perspective tenants, making my job a little easier. I would recommend Jeff Sellen, and would also use him in future jobs of ours.